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Ferticare Clinics group is a part of GeneraLife, a new european group of clinics specialized in assisted reproduction (Ivf).

It is a network of 12 centers in 4 countries (Italy, Spain, Czech Republic and Sweden) that share the same core values, first and foremost honesty, transparency, the centrality of the patient and his or her needs throughout the treatment pathway, and the same high level of treatment quality based on our research and the constant publication of papers in the most important journals in the sector.

We are therefore proud to be part of a network of highly reliable and scientifically advanced facilities, committed to the continuous updating, in-depth study and innovation of assisted reproduction techniques. More than 350 professionals work in our team and we perform 15,000 treatments each year.

Our aim is to make infertility treatment accessible to everyone, no matter where they are, by ensuring that each of our clinics offers treatments that meet the latest scientific evidence on what is the best treatment for each individual patient who comes to us.

In any case, Ferticare patients can continue to count on our ongoing support, on the attention we give to their every single need, on the familiar and warm environment of our clinics, on the help we give to each, treating them with affection and understanding: being part of a European new network will not mean, for us, losing the connotation of a fertility center close to patients and free from the logic of large groups, but a further improvement of the treatments offered, always for the benefit of aspiring families.

We know that infertility is a difficult journey, so we don't create false expectations by promising what we can't deliver. But you can be sure that, as 'catalysts of life', we use all the means at our disposal to create realistic predictions and all possible preconditions to achieve our common goal: your baby.

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