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The MFSS method was developed to increase the chances of a successful outcome of the artificial insemination process. The principle of MFSS is to try to mimic the environment of the sperm's journey to the uterus in vitro and thus obtain the best quality sperm for downstream artificial insemination methods.

What the MFSS method consists of

The abbreviation MFSS is based on the English microfluidic sperm sorting or microfluidic sperm separation. A disposable chip consisting of two chambers separated by a membrane with microchannels is used to process the ejaculate. The purpose of this membrane is to simulate the environment of the sperm's journey to the uterus.

In MFSS, the ejaculate is applied to the bottom chamber of the chip and the chip is placed in an incubator. During this time, motile sperm pass through the membrane into the upper chamber with the handling medium. After passage through the membrane, the separated sperm are aspirated and used in downstream methods.

The advantage of MFSS over standard ejaculate processing by gradient centrifugation is the gentleness of the spermatozoa, which are not burdened by centrifugal force. At the same time, MFSS represents a faster and less operationally demanding processing method.

When the MFSS method is/is not suitable

The physician and the embryologist decide on the indication of the MFSS method based on the examination of the couple and the subsequent consultation. Preferably, the MFSS method is used in case of borderline or mildly pathological results of the male spermiogram. In the case of strongly pathological spermiogram results, such as oligoasthenoteratozoospermia, or sperm obtained by the TESE/MESE method, MFSS is not suitable.

Ejaculate collection for the MFSS method

The collection of the ejaculate sample does not impose any special requirements on the man and is carried out in the standard way as for routine spermiograms or for the processing of ejaculate by gradient centrifugation.

Our clinic offers the MFSS method as a complementary method in selected treatment programmes.