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My husband and I had been trying to conceive for a long time. It’s been five years now. When I didn’t get pregnant right after the wedding, we didn’t panic.

My OB/GYN said we should give it a year and if I still wasn’t pregnant, we’d start looking into it. 

I didn’t worry too much about it – we were both healthy, after all. When I still wasn’t pregnant after 15 months of trying, my OB/GYN prescribed tablets to promote ovulation. After about three months I was over the moon, because the tablets worked, and I was looking forward to starting our family. But the excitement didn’t last long. My pregnancy ended in miscarriage and they had to remove one of my fallopian tubes. Some time after that I managed to get pregnant again, this time spontaneously. I was pleasantly surprised, since I hadn’t been taking the tablets. But this pregnancy ended the same as the first one.

I didn’t want to leave anything to chance this time, so we considered going to a clinic in Spain or Jordan. We were concerned about the language barrier, though, and about how we would manage to go in for checkups, so we didn’t end up going through with it.

Some time later I visited Dr. Uher at his Berlin practice, on the recommendation of another patient of his. Dr. Uher and his team made the whole treatment process go smoothly with their excellent and expert care. I had all the necessary examinations, genetic and immunological and so on. In the end I had an IVF cycle with donated eggs at the FertiCare clinic in Prague. It worked the first time.

A big thank you to Donors of Hope and the whole FertiCare clinic team. Our baby will be born in just a few more weeks.

Brigitte and Markus