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“If you want to be successful in reproductive medicine, you have to carefully build strong, trusting relationships with patients. Expertise and technology aren’t enough. You need a lot of empathy for your patients in order to succeed.”

After graduating with a medical degree from Charles University in Plzeň, Dr. Malimánek worked in the Karlovy Vary regional hospital. He later moved to Germany to work as a gynecologist in the Professor Zech IVF Reproduction Center. Dr. Malimánek is happy to provide consultations to all Czech-speaking patients.


2018 FertiCare SE
specialized gynecologist

2012 Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Genetics, Karlovy Vary
specialized gynecologist

2008 – 2011 IVF IVF Centrum Prof. Zecha – Karlsbad s.r.o.
specialized physician

2001 – 2008 hospital in Karlovy Vary
gynecology & obstetrics department
2002-2008 deputy head of department


  • 2001 2nd certification as specialist in gynecology and obstetrics
  • 1996 1st certification as specialist in gynecology and obstetrics
  • 1993 Graduation from Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Plzeň, general practitioner