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Every couple has different needs and ideas about their treatment, so a “one-size-fits-all” approach is never appropriate. We approach each case with fresh eyes to guarantee our clients the best possible course of treatment.

At FertiCare Prague you will find:

  • No waiting times
  • Individual attention and comprehensive support from our whole team
  • Cutting-edge technologies and medical techniques
  • One of the largest donor databases in the region
  • The highest medical standards
  • Staff with years of experience in reproductive medicine
  • The highest standards in ethics and discretion
  • Transparency




Our clinics:


FertiCare SE
Radlická 3185/1c , Praha 5, 150 00

Our clinics:
FertiCare Prague:
Radlická 3185/1c, Praha 5
FertiCare Karlsbad Fertility:
Bělehradská 1042/14, Karlovy Vary

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