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ZyMōt method is a gentle and highly effective sperm selection system. It is used to prepare and select sperm with higher normal morphology, higher viability, motility, and DNA quality. At the same time, it avoids mechanical and chemical procedures that are known to potentially damage the sperm. This increases the chances of fertilization success, and subsequently the chances of successful pregnancy.

What is ZyMōt?

ZyMōt is an innovative, gentle sperm separation system. It uses a device, also called a chip, which is designed to mimic natural conception with its natural barriers (imitating cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes) that sperm must navigate to naturally fertilize an egg. This sperm selection method does not require any prior sperm sample preparation. ZyMōt does not use centrifugation that may stress the sperm membrane by increasing oxidative stress.

The entire process is simple and efficient, saves a lot of time and requires less personnel and technical support compared to standard sperm preparation methods. This minimizes the risk of human or technical error.

ZyMōt: How it works

The method uses a standard semen sample, which is then injected into a specially designed chip with a membrane filter. The membrane filter mimics the natural barrier - only high-quality sperm will pass through it. The healthiest sperm are then used to fertilize the eggs using ICSI.

Who is ZyMōt appropriate for?

The ZyMōt method can be used whenever we need to isolate the healthiest sperm, while avoiding sperm-damaging centrifugation. Doctors recommend ZyMōt especially for patients with a history of low fertilization success rate, failed IUI, poor embryo quality in previous IVF, etc.

The ZyMōt sperm separation method mimics natural sperm selection. It can also be used for male patients with low sperm motility, low sperm count in the ejaculate, or abnormal sperm morphology.