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Infertility treatment is a stressful emotional issue for every woman or a couple. Sharing your experiences with assisted reproduction can help infertile couples on their way to a desired child. That is why we invite our clients to take part in the Ambassador program at Ferticare Clinics.

Authentic and individual approach to our clients is essential at Ferticare Clinics. Sharing the personal experience of those who have already undergone infertility treatment can be really helpful for those who are currently in the process of treatment. Ambassadors play important role in the process. Their personal feedback can also help us to improve our services.

With the Ambassador program we are looking for those for whom the journey through assisted reproduction with Ferticare has been a positive change that they would like to share.


What does membership in the Ambassador program mean?

Among other things, our ambassadors are committed to:

  • Spreading infertility treatment awareness by sharing their experiences online
  • Publishing their story with us in text, photo or video form
  • Helping people that are interested in assisted reproduction by being active in discussion forums
  • Publishing various information concerning their experience and the fertility treatment topic on social media
  • Staying in contact with the clinic by participating in various events and meetings

Why become a member of the Ambassador program?

  • Members can help women and couples who are in the same situation as they were before.
  • Members can engage in spreading awareness in a fulfilling positive topic.
  • As Ferticare Clinics we appreciate your cooperation and will, of course, compensate you accordingly. For more information please feel free to contact us.


Ambassador Ferticare

Join us!

We look forward to working together. Please contact your coordinator or use our contact form.

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