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Ferticare Znojmo / Znamed is a newly opened clinic focusing on reproductive medicine, gynaecology, and women’s healthcare. The clinic is located in Znojmo, near the border with Lower Austria.

The clinic is led by the well-known and recognised reproductive medicine physician, MUDr. Petr Uher Ph.D., assisted by gynaecologist MUDr. Jitka Krouželová and chief embryologist MVDr. Zuzana Dvořáková.

The clinic builds on many years of experience of the Ferticare Group clinics in Karlovy Vary and Prague and offers its clients the most efficient and time-proven procedures.

The clinic provides basic gynaecological examination, genetic examination as well as infertility treatment using the most up-to-date laboratory techniques and procedures.

For many years, infertility treatment has been an extremely sensitive topic. That is why we approach each couple individually, professionally and with the utmost respect. Gaining trust is critically important and it plays a crucial role on the journey towards a desired child.


MUDr. Jana Jánského 2675/11, 669 02 Znojmo

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Tel. +420 530 350 260