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Karlsbad Fertility is a private clinic for assisted reproduction helping to infertile couples get their child since 2007. Thanks to the highly professional medical team with international experience and using the latest technology, the clinic achieves above-average results in fertilization.

"Our goal was to build a clinic in the central Europe that can offer the best possible service to both Czech and foreign patients. Czech doctors have a worldwide good reputation and Karlovy Vary are well located with good transport connections from abroad," says MUDr. Petr Uher, PhD., the founder and the head doctor of Karlsbad Fertility. He has dedicated more than 30 years to the field of assisted reproduction in the Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland. "Thanks to our outstanding team and investments in the latest technologies, we achieve the fertilization rates of 60-80%. This, together with a very high standard of care in favourable financial conditions is the main reason why we are a sought-out clinic for patients from Germany, Great Britain or Italy." MUDr. Petr Uher, PhD.

MUDr. Uher stands in the management of the clinic together with MUDr. Alena Carová, MUDr. Jan Malimánek, a gynaecologist. Thanks to the different specializations of leading physicians, Karlsbad Fertility is able to offer a truly comprehensive care for infertility in one place: the donation of eggs and sperm, comprehensive diagnosis of fertility problems and also the examination of hereditary defects and diseases in both parents and embryos.

Karlsbad Fertility is the holder of the ČIA accreditation, ISO standards and the authorization of the State Institute for Drug Control of the Czech Republic.

According to the head doctor and owner of Fertility Karlsbad clinic, MUDr. Peter Uher, successful infertility treatment is based on the combination of experienced physicians and top quality technological equipment. "I rely on cutting-edge devices and best people. If you want to achieve the best results in reproductive medicine these days and maintain your position in the long term, you will need both."


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