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Ferticare Clinics

The Ferticare Group operates three clinics, each located in a different part of the Czech Republic: Prague, Karlovy Vary and Znojmo.

The main focus of the clinics is services in the field of reproductive medicine, as well as in gynaecology and genetics. The founder of the clinics is the well-known and respected physician MUDr. Petr Uher, Ph.D.

MUDr. Petr Uher and his team of specialists have several years of experience in the fields of reproductive medicine and genetics in the Czech Republic as well as in the neighbouring countries. Our clinics always carry out their work at the highest medical level and use the latest laboratory technology in accordance with the latest scientific research.

Our common goal is maximum discretion, precision, professionalism, and an individual approach while we try to help our clients on the way towards their dream family.

Although the journey is occasionally lengthy and strenuous, the smiles on our clients’ faces, holding a baby in their arms, makes it all worthwhile. This is, without doubt, our greatest reward. 

Ferticare Clinics group is a part of GeneraLife, a new european group of clinics specialized in assisted reproduction (Ivf).

Our Clinics

FertiCare Prague

Radlická 3185/1c, 150 00 Praha 5

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Ferticare Prague


Ferticare Karlsbad Fertility

Bělehradská 1042/14, 360 01 Karlovy Vary

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Ferticare Karlovy Vary


FertiCare Znamed

MUDr. Jana Jánského 2675/11, 669 02 Znojmo

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Ferticare Znojmo


Why come to us?


High success rate. No waiting time. Individual treatment plans. High standard of ethics and discretion. Years of experience.



Our clinics:


FertiCare SE
Radlická 3185/1c , Praha 5, 150 00

Our clinics:
FertiCare Prague:
Radlická 3185/1c, Praha 5
FertiCare Karlsbad Fertility:
Bělehradská 1042/14, Karlovy Vary

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