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Ferticare Clinics is part of the IVI RMA Global group, the world's largest group of assisted reproduction clinics.

Almost 200 clinical workplaces and 100 laboratories in 15 countries. This is IVI RMA, the world's leading reproductive medicine group.

The entire group shares basic values ​​in infertility treatment and research, above all honesty, transparency, the central position of the patient and his needs during the entire treatment and emphasis on innovation and the highest quality of equipment. We maintain a high level of treatment quality thanks to our research and constant publication of articles in the most important journals in the field.

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Our main values

Patient first

Support for innovation in treatment and for scientific research

Honesty and transparency


IVI RMA is not only synonymous with renowned assisted reproduction clinics and modern infertility treatments, but also represents a total approach to the field: a path of tireless determination to discover, technological excellence and enabling parenthood for those who desire it.