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“My professional interests are concentrated around pregnancy itself so the main part of my work is dedicated to support and communication to pregnant women – in the sensitives period of their life. It is extremely important for every pregnant to leave the doctor’s appointment with the feeling of being save and calm for the future of her offspring.”

Dr. Marcel Hasch is specialized in obstetrics and gynaecology as well as in medical genetics. He is working for FertiCare Prague Clinics on the position of the head specialist for medical genetics. Dr. Hasch is a prominent scientist in genetics in the Czech Republic.

His interest in obstetrics and gynaecology was described in his own words as passion to multidisciplinary field of medicine which allows the wide spectrum of practice from pregnancy observation supported by extended visualized techniques to childbirth and surgery.

His desire was performing services for pregnant women as both: specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology and in genetics, so from 2008 he mostly switches off to medical genetics, which engulfs him and leads to qualification exam in the field.

Dr. Hasch belongs to eternally learning doctors.

He is holder of following certificates:

  • Fetal Medicine Foundation Certification
  • Certificate for the Concilium Ultrasound Examinations in Obstetrics by CzMA (Czech Medical Asssisiation)

Dr. Hasch is the only physician the holder of both certificates and the specialization in medical genetics in the whole Karlovarsky and Pilzensky Regions. Overall there are up to 15 doctors with such certifications in the whole Czech Republic and we are very proud that Dr. Hasch is member our medical team.