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IMSI, or intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection, is a method that focuses on selecting healthy and strong sperm as reliably as possible. Sperm selected in this way has the best chance of successfully fertilizing an egg. The IMSI method can identify even very small defects in sperm that could lead to the failure of the entire fertilization process.

In natural fertilization, the selection of the best sperm takes place spontaneously - the egg envelope is a barrier that is a touchstone for the sperm. In the ICSI method, however, we bypass this natural barrier and therefore try to replace the selection of the best sperm with a selection in the laboratory.

To find the best sperm, this method uses a special microscope that can magnify the image of the sperm up to 6000 times. The embryologist looks for sperm that are structurally healthy - they have a long flagellum, there are no visible defects in the head and the head and neck are correctly shaped.

Who is the IMSI method suitable for?

The method is used if the man has a history of abnormally shaped sperm, couples who have repeatedly failed the ICSI method or had unexplained miscarriages.

How does IMSI work?

The embryologist will examine the sperm under a microscope and select the most suitable ones. These are used to fertilise the egg or frozen for future use.