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These are methods in which the doctor extracts sperm from the ducts of the epididymis or directly from the testicular tissue by microsurgical means. These methods are used when there are no sperm in the ejaculate. The success of the method depends on the cause of the absence of sperm.

In MESA (Micro Epididymal Sperm Aspiration), the physician uses a small incision with a needle to aspirate fluid from the ducts of the epididymis where the sperm matures. This fluid is analysed in the laboratory and if it contains mature sperm, it is used to fertilise the egg.

In TESE (Testicular Sperm Extraction), tiny particles of testicular tissue are removed from a small incision on the scrotum. Sperm are then extracted from this tissue in the laboratory and used again to fertilise the egg.

Who are MESA and TESE suitable for?

The method is suitable for men who suffer from azoospermia or who do not ejaculate. It is also used for sperm transport disorders.

The course of MESA / TESE

The MESA and TESE procedures usually follow each other. The operation is always performed under general anaesthesia and takes approximately one hour. The incision is very small in both cases, usually 3 cm long in the scrotal area. Part of the sperm is used to fertilise the eggs immediately, and we recommend freezing the remaining sperm in case IVF needs to be repeated.

For problems such as azoospermia, we choose the most effective method of artificial insemination, the ICSI method, given the rarity of the sperm obtained